Perth Amboy District High School

The Perth Amboy District High School in New Jersey was built in the 1960s and needed major upgrades to the facility. The school had received a limited state grant budget to provide automatic cooling. There were several challenges to overcome in terms of meeting the customer’s needs such as the state of the existing electrical wiring in the building, the antiquated infrastructure, and the waffle ceiling block wall construction. The project also needed to be completed within a condensed time-frame while students were off from school for summer break.

Trane partnered with KSI, the school’s engineer of record to implement a combination of equipment and system upgrades that met the customer’s cooling needs on time and budget, while resulting in a significant energy savings year over year.

Trane Air Cooled Ice Earth Wise System (with the Trane Creative Solutions Completion model): This was used to serve the larger spaces in the school.

Calmac Ice Tanks (12)

Trane RTAE Stealth Chillers (2) (with the premium sound reduction package)

Trane Tracer SC Controls: Interface to all of the system controllers and is used to manage and monitor the overall HVAC system.

VRFs (200): Used to cool the smaller classroom spaces

AHU roof-top units and addition of heating and cooling coils to existing AHUs