John T. Mather Memorial Hospital

John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, a non-profit community teaching hospital, is the first customer on Long Island to install a thermal (ice) storage system as a part of PSEG’s new Commercial Efficiency Program (CEP).  PSEG Long Island contributed approximately $1M in incentives to Mather to help fund the installation of the new system thermal (ice) storage equipment.

Faced with the life cycle replacement of outdated and inefficient chiller plant and air conditioning equipment, Mather Memorial Hospital explored prospects to help improve the building’s energy performance. Mather brought in the Trane New York office to develop an energy solution that would meet their main project objectives.

Trane, with the help of ECM, proposed a thermal storage solution that would shift the electrical load from daytime to nighttime when electricity is more plentiful, less expensive and generated more efficiently.  In addition, the system also reduces consumption and demand via a more efficient low flow/low temp chilled water operation, and an expanded free cooling season made possible by the Ice System’s ability to extend the duration of the facility’s existing free cooling systems.

The new ice storage system consists of a new 700-ton High Efficiency Trane CenTraVac® Chiller, 24 IceBank® CALMAC Thermal Storage Tanks, and new central plant controls that will coordinate the operation of the new equipment.  Lizardos Engineering provided the electrical and mechanical engineering needed to support the 7x24x365 operations of the facility.

The new ice storage system was installed at Mather Memorial Hospital during the winter season of 2016/2017, and will lower the facility’s peak energy usage by 284kW, reduce overall electric usage by 74,000 kWh, while simultaneously delivering improved site resiliency and reduced operating expenses for Mather.