Grand Hyatt New York

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Grand Hyatt New York is a luxury hotel, located in mid-town Manhattan, next to the historic Grand Central Terminal. The hotel has 1,298 guestrooms and over 60,000 square feet of meeting space. Hyatt currently has a goal of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 25% per square/meter worldwide by 2020 and improve the financial performance of the New York facility while simultaneously enhancing the sustainability of its operation.

Project Details
This building automation system retrofit project reduced the annual operating cost of the controlled systems by over $271K. The project includes rebates and incentives from NYSERDA estimated at $606K.

Trane Tracer SC- Used by GHNY as the interface to all of the system controllers and is used to manage and monitor the GHNY overall HVAC system.

Trane System Controllers – Manage and monitor the operation of the individual components of the HVAC System. These controllers are networked and the data from the controllers is used by the Tracer SC, enabling GHNY to manage and monitor their overall HVAC system.

Trane Energy Manager –  A cloud-based building energy management service that enables the GHNY to make more cost-effective decisions about the way they manage and maintain their hotel. It provides real-time insight to inform a wide range of building energy efficiency projects impacting both operating income and sustainability.

Trane Energy Optics An energy advisory service that easily helps GHNY better understand how they actually use energy with real data and pin point ways they can quickly improve their energy management performance. We have used the power of high interval energy data for the Grand Hyatt New York to find facility operational and equipment issues.

As a result of this project, GHNY has significantly: