11 Madison Avenue

Built in 1932, 11 Madison Avenue in New York City is a 2.2 million square foot office building that houses the national headquarters of Credit Suisse First Boston. A total of seven 800-ton chillers are used to cool the building and data center. During the summer season, the building can peak close to 10 MW of energy use.

Realizing that the peak electric load at the facility had increased significantly over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow due the high energy demands of the data center, the owners contacted the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for assistance.

A project team from the Trane Company and Energy Management Services, ECM, engineered a technical and financial solution that involved upgrading three chillers and installing an ice storage system.

An integral part of the financial solution was participation in the New York Energy SmartSM Peak-Load Reduction Program and the New York Energy SmartSM Commercial and Industrial Performance Program, administered by NYSERDA.

The three energy-efficient replacement chillers and ice storage system enable 11 Madison to save 2,153,200 kWh per year and lower the peak energy usage by over 900kW.

NYSERDA provided more than $820,000 in incentives towards the project cost to implement the recommended measures. The Commercial and Industrial Performance Program provided more than $620,000 and the Peak-Load Reduction Program provided approximately $200,000.